land notes

Land notes 1/1/10

On Friday the kuleana group talked about the basics of gardening here at PQ. We went over soils, the nursery, transplanting and companion plants and then did a full garden tour. The students were receptive, especially when it came to learning about bananas and sweet potatoes.  Students then harvested sweet potatoes from one of the

Notes from Land Manager Patrick Leatherman

Patrick Leatherman (on right side) is our organic gardening specialist at PQ.  He works to help the students develop connections between gardening and their individual therapeutic processes.  I have cut and pasted some of Patrick’s notes from the weekend.  I have deleted the students names to preserve confidentiality. Nalu Camp: Friday morning we met in

Fun Facts & Life Lessons

By Erin Levine, Clinical Admissions Director Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes 2-3 years to grow a single pineapple? The pineapples our students enjoy today were planted by students almost three years ago. This can be a powerful life lesson for our students who are so used to instant gratification. In life, many

“Aloha Aina”- To Love the Land

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director To love the land is the oldest and most essential way of life in Hawaii.  The people who care deeply for the land know what it means to be “pono” (to have integrity); they respect the ancestors by continuing their work, by planting the seeds, cultivating the “kalo” (taro),

PQ Welcomes Visitors From Australia

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy program recently hosted two key leaders from the Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria, Australia. Karen and Paul Delamotte joined Pacific Quest’s Land Supervisor Travis Slagle for an interactive tour of the 8 acre wilderness program in Hawaii that has provided life changing experiences for hundreds of youth from around the world.

PQ Featured On LA Talk Radio

By Yvette Slagle, Outreach Assistant Pacific Quest was recently featured on LA Talk Radio with Lon Woodbury focusing on “Parent Choices for Struggling Teens”.   Pacific Quest’s Land Supervisor Travis Slagle and Dr. Katie Kasenchak were guests on the show and highlighted some of the key aspects that set Pacific Quest apart from other wilderness therapy

Why Gardening?

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director In the past three weeks I had the opportunity to attend the annual conference for the American Horticultural Therapy Association, and co-present with Hilary Moses at the Wilderness Therapy Symposium sponsored by the Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Industry Council.  Both organizations are dedicated to developing research and professional development

The Growing Edge of Wilderness Therapy

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director Imagine what the world would be like if wilderness therapists of the future became organic farmers.  What if the people entrusted to witness life’s most significant transitions traded in the more esoteric theories of eco-psychology and wilderness survival for a simple shovel and pitch fork?  For many people, the

Young Adults Visit Green Mountain

By McLean Eames, Experiential Education Supervisor Recently, the Young Adult students drove to the easternmost point of the island, Kumukahi and saw the lighthouse there.  The group talked about the Winter Solstice and how it’s a transition point for our planet; a time when the days start to grow longer.  The group then ventured to

PQ Featured On East Coast Talk Radio

Pacific Quest Horticultural Therapy Director Travis Slagle was recently a guest speaker on the Progressive Radio Network “iEat Green with Bhavani” radio show discussing success stories from Pacific Quest outdoor therapy program. During the interview, Travis provided examples of how working in a garden has helped the students referred to Pacific Quest to develop healthier