Music Helps Relieve Stress

By Raylene Moses, HR Manager

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy ProgramWhen you enter the HR office, music is probably the first thing you will hear. I love listening to music.  For me, music is a great stress reliever.  It really doesn’t take time away from my busy schedule.  Rather, it provides a backdrop to my own rich and fulfilling life. The following are some of the ways you can use music to enhance your regular activities:

In the Morning:
Try waking up to your favorite tunes, it will start your day feeling great, setting the tone for a lower-stress day.
During the Commute:
For me, music is the panacea to road rage.  By playing your favorite music in the car, much of the tension you may feel from the commute and the concerns of the day dissipate, making you feel more prepared for your task once you reach your destination.
While Cooking:
Before you bring out the pots and pans, put on some genre of music that you enjoy. Cooking soon becomes an enjoyable activity rather than a chore, and you’ll likely find yourself relaxed and in a better frame of mind once dinner starts.  Continue to enjoy the music while savoring your dinner and your company as you eat.  Incidentally, research shows one eats less, digests their food better, and enjoys their food more while listening to soothing music.
While at Work or Working Out:
Energetic music, hip-hop or pop, for example, can raise your energy level.
Before Bed:
Here’s a little known fact, that getting enough sleep can help you handle stress better. Unfortunately, stress can often interfere with sleep. Playing music as you drift off is one way to counteract the effects of stress.  It takes your mind off of what may be stressing you, it helps slow down your breathing, and it soothes your mind.
Give it a try, the only thing you can lose, is STRESS!!

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