Youth in need of therapy, not punishment

As described recent New York Times article Mentally Ill Offenders Strain Juvenile System, budget cuts in state mental health programs are causing the juvenile detention system to swell.  Youth are not getting the mental help they need in their communities and schools, winding up in prison.  For many, problems are only exacerbated by juvenile prison. 

Unique approach to healing- song writing!

Therapeutic approaches with at-risk youth need to be creative.  The population demands it.  At-risk youth are rarely going to swing by the therapists office after school for an hour a week and unpack their problems.  Many deny that problems exist and are content with their risky behaviors.  This population requires varied approaches to complex emotional/behavioral

Current Events and Character Development

Each week at PQ there are several therapist-run group sessions that touch on a variety of topics.  One of those this week addressed the concepts of peer pressure and “the bystander effect.”  The issue was stirred up by the tragic events of October 24 in Richmond, CA during which a 15-year old girl was raped,

PQ reaching out to Orange County

An article detailing PQ’s “nurturing, supportive, green therapy” approach to helping struggling teens was recently published.  The article can be found in the Orange County Register, a local newspaper. Mark Agosto is leading PQ’s outreach in the area.  As a father and active community member, Mark is dedicated to the improving the welfare of the

Happiness is NOT the Goal

By Mary Beth Osoro “My goal isn’t to teach your child how to be happy. My goal is to help your child learn how to be unhappy in a productive manner.” That has become my catch phrase while talking to parents when they mention their desire for their child’s happiness. And who wouldn’t want their

Inter-office memo:

About three months ago an 18 year old was sitting in a psychiatric hospital staring down a paranoid thought disorder and a bi-polar diagnosis.  The psychiatrist reported that this individual would not be successful without consistent medical and psychiatric management.  I thought PQ would offer more than doctor visits each week.  Through the dedicated relationship 

Outing to Miloli’i Village and Honomolino Beach

Miloli’i means fine twist. The fine twist refers to the intricate, strong cordage that Miloli’i was known for throughout the islands. Miloli’i Village is known today as the “last fishing village” on the island. Inhabited mostly by families who have lived there for generations and whom still sustain themselves through fishing. To really get a

The Peer Arena

I read an article recently entitled “Alone Together,” published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2010.   This article was forwarded to me by a student’s father – thank you to him for sharing interesting information:) The article is about Vivian Seltzer‘s developmental theory of adolescence and the role of what she calls the peer arena. 

Unplugging from digital media

How does being “plugged in” effect well being and brain functioning?  This question was first posed as televisions began sprouting in family living rooms across the US.  Next, desk top computers and the world wide web raised alarm as more and more people were being drawn to the computer screen. As desktop computers become more

Young Adults Are Young

Young adults are just that…young. Treating them like children is inappropriate. Treating them like adults is inappropriate. So the question is: how do we appropriately treat them as the young adults they are? The challenge comes in trying to understand where to place our young adults and children and adults given so many extenuating circumstances.