Healthy diet may decrease depression risk

Spanish scientists revealed research findings today that suggest a healthy diet lowers risk of suffering from depression.  The research results are aligned with a trend in recent years, associating nutrition with improved mental health. New York Times article “Nutrition: Lower Depression Risk Linked to Mediterranean Diet” highlights aspects of the Mediterranean diet that are play

Analytic-rumination hypothesis

A client recently brought a very interesting New York time article to my attention, entitled Depression’s Upside.  The article considers the evolutionary significance of depression and suggests that depression has positive impacts on people. A plaguing (but important) element of depression is rumination.  While many people’s experience of rumination is negative, Scientists Andrews and Thomson

“This I Believe”

We love to spread around good news when it comes back to us at PQ.  This month a father of an alumni student reached out to share about his experience attending a speech his daughter gave at school.  Below is the father’s description of the speech and the alumni PQ student’s speech in written form. 

Helping Your Teen Cope With Death: Recovery After Loss

Death is a fundamental part of our lifecycle. What is more, the death of a loved one is an event each one of us will experience, likely multiple times throughout our lifetimes. Confronting death and accepting loss is a personal experience you cannot compare with someone else’s. You’ll grieve in your unique way, and healing

Dealing with Cyberbullying

With the start of a new school year, talk of cyberbullying is sure to skyrocket. And it’s for good reason—70 percent of students report seeing frequent bullying online, according to Teens no longer butt heads passing in the hallways. Instead they take their drama digital, and often attack through text messages, malicious websites, emails,

Suffering From Social Media Depression: How Much is Too Much?

Using social media is a routine activity that research shows can benefit teens and adolescents by boosting their communication skills, elevating their connection to their community and even increasing their technical expertise. But how much social media is too much? And what is the fallout if your teen is obsessed with, or dependent upon, being

Study Update: The Newfound Effect of Sleep Deprivation

“Consider the implications for students pulling all-nighters, emergency-room medical staff, military fighters in war zones and police officers on graveyard shifts.” This statement comes from Stanford University postdoctoral fellow Andrea Goldstein-Piekarski. But what, exactly is she referring to? Sleep, or lack thereof, is one of the most influential powers affecting our mental and physical well-being.

The Best for Your Teen: Treating Teenage Depression

Parenting teens is never easy, and when your teenager is diagnosed with clinical depression, it can become overwhelming. You may feel exhausted from lying awake at night worrying about your child. The despair over failed attempts to communicate is tough to bear. Endless fights and open defiance create chaos that affects the entire household. Parenting

Moving Forward: The story of a PQ alumna

By: PQ Alumni Student I didn’t realize how much of my life I was hiding from, and how much I didn’t know about myself, until the three months I spent at Pacific Quest.  Prior to going to PQ in February, I was in a severe depression. I hated every minute and everything about myself.  It