PQ Presents at Annual AANP Conference

By: Sharon Findlay

Dr. Britta Zimmer, Dr. Ryan Shelton, and Dr. John Souza were selected to present at the 2016 American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) Annual Conference in Salt Lake City. Hundreds of NDs, MDs, and DOs gathered to learn about the newest research in the field and practice skills, tools, and exchange ideas. The Pacific Quest team presented “Integrated Management for Adolescents and Young Adults with Psychiatric Diagnoses: The Role of Naturopathic Medicine, Psychopharmacological Agents and Family Dynamics.” This included two cases that showcased our integrated model that is based on naturopathic modalities with a family systems approach. Throughout the session, our talented group demonstrated how we are able to address the totality of the whole case, by implementing the naturopathic philosophy of treating the whole person as well as underlying causes by addressing family system issues.

PQ Presents at Annual AANP Conference on Integrative Model

Dr. John Souza, Dr. Britta Zimmer, and Dr. Ryan Shelton

Each presenter brought different areas of specialization to the session. Dr. Britta Zimmer focused on integrative psychiatry, Dr. Ryan Shelton presented on our naturopathic treatment modalities, and Dr. John Souza spoke to the family systems approach as it relates to whole-patient care. With these three separate perspectives, our team showcased how our model is truly integrated.

With each case study, before and after videos were shared. Audience members were impressed with the significant changes that were clearly apparent by viewing actual clients share their experiences in their own words. Others expressed the desire to learn more about integrative psychiatry in order to help their clients in this integrative way. The overwhelming feedback is that Pacific Quest is really pioneering this part in the industry and people are looking to us as a leader in the field of integrative psychiatry.

Of the presentation, Dr. Britta says “We were able to share this model that we have been creating over the last eight years with our colleagues in the field. Being able to show the progression and success we have been able to achieve since this model has developed was really inspiring. The partnership that we have showed easily because we always work together as a team and side by side – implementing an integrative approach that benefits the client and the treatment team as well.”

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