Understanding the Milieu

Pacific Quest therapists Mary Beth Coffman, LCSW and Hilary Moses, LCSW presented a “dry run” of the experiential workshop they are offering at the 7th annual Wilderness Symposium in Boulder, CO.  The presentation was intriguing. Mary Beth and Hilary addressed the importance of utilizing many sources in weekly treatment planning, including the staff that interact

Green Sands Beach Trip 8-26

In addition to spectacular white sand and black sand beaches, the Big Island of Hawaii boasts a unique green sand beach.  Green sand is formed from the gemstone olivine, or peridot. Through volcanic action the olivine is brought to the earth surface.   As the olivine weathers, it is broken into small fragments, which eventually becomes

Volcanoes National Park

Rainy day at Volcanoes National Park! It was coming down pretty heavily when the group departed. By the time the group arrived at the national park the rain let up a bit. As the group approached the park they talked about general geology of the area, highlighting the formation of the landscape and the fault

Outing 10/2/09

The group started the outing by first visiting the black sand beach at Punaluu. The weather turned out to be cold and windy near the coastline so the students were not too enthused about going swimming. The group spent most of the day hiking around “talking story” (a Hawaiian term) about the history of the

Psychology for the Other: Seminar

Announcing the seventh annual Psychology for the Other seminar hosted by the  Seattle University psychology department.  The seminar focuses on the philosophies of Emmanuel Levinas and the application to psychology, and more specifically psychotherapy.  Emmanuel Levinas was a French philosopher who studied under phenomenologists Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger.  Levinas lived from 1906-1995 and was

Place of Refuge Explorations

The group experienced excellent weather for snorkeling.  The sun was shinning and the water was glassy and clear.  The day started by heading down to the City of Refuge.  All the kids were eager and excited.  The snorkeling was good, however by Hawaii standards it was not ideal.  The water was cloudy in places but

Punalu’u Outing 10/23

Punalu’u Outing guided and posting authored by Martha Bouchard. Punalu’u is an area steeped in cultural significance, just minutes from Pacific Quest; some people even claim it may be the real site of the first Polynesian arrival to the island (most often thought to be Ka Lae, South Point). This area is the perfect backdrop

Shouting at the Sky, Gary Ferguson

I recently read Gary Ferguson’s Shouting at the Sky.  While the book was originally published in 1999, I got my hands on Hilary’s 2009 copy, a signed copy replete with a new foreword and afterword.  Ferguson’s insights are incredible, as his words convey his personal experience working with teens in a wilderness therapy program.  His

Visit to Southern France Youth Institute

For many Pacific Quest students, the chance to grow and learn are best continued separate from their home environment. Students enroll in programs and schools around the country and the world. One of these special places is the Southern France Youth Institute in Villeseque sur Corbieres, France. In October, I visited this wonderful school as

Manuka State Park

Today we journeyed to Manuka State Park. The park is located inside the 25,550 acre Manuka Forest Reserve on the slopes of Mauna Loa to the south west side of the island. The state park itself is access through the rolling lawns of an arboretum of native plats and trees. We began here, with a