Outing 10/2/09

The group started the outing by first visiting the black sand beach at Punaluu. The weather turned out to be cold and windy near the coastline so the students were not too enthused about going swimming. The group spent most of the day hiking around “talking story” (a Hawaiian term) about the history of the area and seeing the remains of ancient heiaus. The coastline has many scars and abandoned structures from past tsunamis. The guides were able to tie that in with recent events in the pacific. Despite the cold weather, there were quite a few turtles on shore for the students to see. While walking along the waters edge, Kavika explained about the importance of always keeping your eyes on the waves. At that moment he was drenched by wave after being distracted by a tide pool. The camera got wet and was placed in rice after the outing to accelerate drying. Pictures were lost!  The group concluded the day by heading uphill through a few scenic mountain roads. They stopped periodically to pick guavas, mac nuts and lilikoi. Kavika noted “It never ceases to amaze me how much the kids enjoy something as simple as picking guava on the side of the road.”

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