Amy B Greenwell Ethnobotanical Gardens

Amy B Greenwell Ethnobotanical Gardens is a 15-acre stretch of land that was donated to the Bishop Museum by Amy Greenwell upon her death in 1974. Greenwell had been an avid archeologist and botanist who wanted to the community to have access to this rich land for generations to come. The Bishop Museum has since

The Ohana’s Choice

By Tom De Trolio, Outing Supervisor Recently, the Ohana took an adventure to Honomalino Bay which lies 2,000ft down the scenic 5 mile road leading to Miloli’i, one of the last ancient fishing villages to rely on fishing as a way of life. From the town of Miloli’i, the group hiked about a half mile

“Aloha Aina”- To Love the Land

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director To love the land is the oldest and most essential way of life in Hawaii.  The people who care deeply for the land know what it means to be “pono” (to have integrity); they respect the ancestors by continuing their work, by planting the seeds, cultivating the “kalo” (taro),

PQ Featured On LA Talk Radio

By Yvette Slagle, Outreach Assistant Pacific Quest was recently featured on LA Talk Radio with Lon Woodbury focusing on “Parent Choices for Struggling Teens”.   Pacific Quest’s Land Supervisor Travis Slagle and Dr. Katie Kasenchak were guests on the show and highlighted some of the key aspects that set Pacific Quest apart from other wilderness therapy

Why Gardening?

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director In the past three weeks I had the opportunity to attend the annual conference for the American Horticultural Therapy Association, and co-present with Hilary Moses at the Wilderness Therapy Symposium sponsored by the Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Industry Council.  Both organizations are dedicated to developing research and professional development

Young Adults Visit Green Mountain

By McLean Eames, Experiential Education Supervisor Recently, the Young Adult students drove to the easternmost point of the island, Kumukahi and saw the lighthouse there.  The group talked about the Winter Solstice and how it’s a transition point for our planet; a time when the days start to grow longer.  The group then ventured to

Creation, Transformation & Restoration in the Village at Reeds Bay

By Mac MacLaird, Horticultural Supervisor Reeds Bay When the Young Adult program moved to Reeds Bay, Hilo, the transition was similar to the transition plants go through when they get transplanted. For plants, the first couple days are the hardest, the first couple months at Reeds Bay were the most difficult for us. We had

Young Adults Visit the Hamakua Coast

By McLean Eames, Experiential Education Supervisor The Young Adult students recently explored new parts of the island and helped to clean up their local neighborhood.  The group traveled north 40 miles up the Hamakua Coast to Kalopa State Park.  The park is a Forest Reserve that protects 615 acres of native Hawaiian forest at 2000’

Adolescents Visit Manuka State Park

Recently, a group of the adolescent students had the opportunity to explore the rare and fascinating, two-mile loop trail at Manuka State Park. Manuka is a Natural Area Reserve, and one of the nineteen different reserves within the statewide Natural Area Reserves System. The Big Island of Hawaii island has eight reserves to call its

Ecological Concepts and Application on the Human Scale

By Mike McGee, Field Supervisor Around the year 1500, an old growth Ohia Lehua tree came crashing to the ground near the present day town of Volcano, HI.  It made a thunderous crash although no one was there to witness it.  It destroyed the undergrowth around it and killed many individual organisms that depended on