The Ohana’s Choice

By Tom De Trolio, Outing Supervisor

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy ProgramRecently, the Ohana took an adventure to Honomalino Bay which lies 2,000ft down the scenic 5 mile road leading to Miloli’i, one of the last ancient fishing villages to rely on fishing as a way of life. From the town of Miloli’i, the group hiked about a half mile past the ancient ruins ranging from rock walls, fishing heiaus (sacred sites), and old grave sites of Hawaiians who once lived along this coast, possibly during the late 1700’s. Students were intrigued to learn about the Hawaiian Kapu system (law system), and still see people using signs referring to Kapu today.

Swimming, snorkeling, writing PQ in lava rocks on the sand, underwater photos, throwing the football, and knocking coconuts down were all experiences made possible by a choice the students made together before they left camp. With three newPacific Quest Wilderness Therapy Program members of the group entering camp within the last two days, the elder students wanted to teach the expectations and guidelines by holding a meeting at the Fire Circle.

The Fire Circle is a place for therapeutic groups, curriculum lessons, dinner around a fire, ceremonies, and a safe place to express emotions with intention. Although they were ready to go on time, the Ohana made a choice to role model, mentor, and have fun while accepting that their outing time would be cut short due to their meeting. By choosing to let go of control over time, the Ohana took back control for what they stand for.

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy ProgramOne student stated, “I’m glad we chose to have that meeting this morning. The outing was less stressful for me, we didn’t have to stop and go over anything. We knew why we were there, who we were as students with PQ, and how to act in certain situations.”

Choice gives us control over our lives by allowing us to actively participate in its making. Choice provides us the opportunity to make the most of whatever life throws our way. Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program presents each student with the freedom to make choices for their needs and wants, as well as an opportunity to better understand who they are and what they stand for. Sustainable GrowthTM is a choice. A choice to better ourselves, the Ohana, and the gardens we choose to care for.

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