Student Contributions!

Anonymous student poem

The poem below was written by a PQ student.  Inspiration may have come from the weekly wellness lessons that the students receive from our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Zimmer.  Here it is: Wellness Poem In your brain is where it starts then 30 ft to where you fart Chewing and saliva breaks down food what you

A Glimpse of Solo

At Pacific Quest the students choose to go on a 3 night, 2 day Rites of Passage/solo fashioned about the model of a Vision Quest .  They prepare by reading books that focus on the solo experience, do assignments that focus on severance and beginning a new story in their life, and create an intent

“This I Believe”

We love to spread around good news when it comes back to us at PQ.  This month a father of an alumni student reached out to share about his experience attending a speech his daughter gave at school.  Below is the father’s description of the speech and the alumni PQ student’s speech in written form. 

PQ Alumni shares recent journal entries from Israel

Below are journal entries shared by a PQ graduate.  Besides being a testament to the power of expression through journaling, this student’s account highlights the questions, confusion, internal conflict, courage, and strength that comes from facing oneself and the world. Further, it demonstrates the importance of challenging ones own perspectives and assumptions and remaining open

Ohana members contribute to the blog!

Ohana members expressed enthusiasm when we talked about the possibility of them contributing to the PQ blog.  They wanted to share “notes from the field” to be able to educate others more about their experience on the farm.  Below are aspects that the students wish to share from this past week. “A metaphor that I

Defining “kuleana”

The Hawaiian term “kuleana” is quite difficult to define.  The literal translation, as I have heard, is “responsibility.” Kuleana means much more than that, as it seems to include a broader sense of responsibility –  a person’s responsibility to themselves and his/her community.  At PQ, we have named the second stage of growth Kuleana.  We

The Ohana’s Choice

By Tom De Trolio, Outing Supervisor Recently, the Ohana took an adventure to Honomalino Bay which lies 2,000ft down the scenic 5 mile road leading to Miloli’i, one of the last ancient fishing villages to rely on fishing as a way of life. From the town of Miloli’i, the group hiked about a half mile

Rites-of-Passage Story Council

By Lindsey Baldwin, Therapist One of the best parts of my job as a therapist at Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program is being a part of the Rites of Passage story council on Thursday mornings. On these mornings, students return from a two-day ceremony and share their experience with a group of peers.  My role

Life is What You Make of it

By Kelly Weld, Therapist Being a counselor at an intervention program is a challenging and rewarding task. When students arrive they are lost and desperate, their families are in crisis, and it is our job to help re-align the system in a relatively short period of time. The process feels first like a roller-coaster (with

Embracing Change In the New Year

By Kelly Weld, Therapist The holiday season is a significant time for many of us.  It is a time to gather family and send love to those far away. It is a time to appreciate spirit and acknowledge the sacred within and among us.  It is a time to consider the year that has past,