Anonymous student poem

The poem below was written by a PQ student.  Inspiration may have come from the weekly wellness lessons that the students receive from our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Zimmer.  Here it is:

Wellness Poem

In your brain is where it starts

then 30 ft to where you fart

Chewing and saliva breaks down food

what you swallow can affect your mood

Paristasis pushes food down

to the stomach where it hangs around

where a liquid kills things that make you sick

Nothing more than acid… hydrochloric

Watch how much water you’re ingesting

it dilutes the HCl and slows down digestion

1-2 hours is approximate time

to reach the intestines in a state called chyme

Small intestine is the first visit

it suchks out all the nutrients

Water’s absorbed by the large intestine

and poo is created in this state of digestion

Diaharrea is not so kind

if too much water’s left behind

And thin if takes too much

you’re constipated, which really sucks

Up to 24 hours from mouth to potty

on the wonders of the human body

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