Ohana members contribute to the blog!

Ohana members contribute to the blog - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Ohana members expressed enthusiasm when we talked about the possibility of them contributing to the PQ blog.  They wanted to share “notes from the field” to be able to educate others more about their experience on the farm.  Below are aspects that the students wish to share from this past week.

“A metaphor that I learned over the last three weeks is composting.  Composting is the process of taking old food scraps and dying weeds and using it to make new soil.  We take our old food scraps and place them in a wooden bin.  The bin is then added to with the dying weeds.  We layer it with about three inches of each until it gets to the top.  We water it and mix it up with a pitchfork weekly.  We then look back at our lives and see what past experiences we can compost.  We write these down and I take what I can from them and then compost the rest.  I use my bad experiences in life as a base that I can learn and take from.”

“This week I have really benefited from doing yoga in the mornings.  Yoga is a nice way for me to center myself and start my day.  It eases my body into being alert and helps to clear my mind after struggling to get up.”

“Something I learned was that if you don’t hold yourself to the highest reachable standard you have to the face the consequences eventually.”


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