Tropical seeds bought locally

Critical to success in organic gardening is seed selection.  While tropical climates are generally conducive to many plant varieties, seeds well adapted to the tropical climate thrive better. Pacific Quest’s garden specialist Scott Ricci found a local farmer/seed distributor with twelve years experience of growing on the Big Island of Hawaii. Tom Brannen, owner and

Hawaii’s clean energy initiative

The Big Island of Hawaii gained national attention today in the New York Times. In an article titled Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids, author Felicity Barringer focuses on the potential for green energy in Hawaii.  The article opens with the mention of a wind farm in Na’alehu (pictured above), located at the

P-Patch YOUTH Gardening Program

Community gardens are gaining attention nation wide.  As highlighted in a blog posting on the new garden at the white house, gardening plays a unique role in building community.  While many community gardens draw interest from adult enthusiasts, attention to the youth is sometimes lacking. Schools and programs are springing up around the country incorporating

Service Project with Parks Department

Punalu’u is an area steeped in cultural significance, just minutes from Pacific Quest; some people even claim it may be the real site of the first Polynesian arrival to the island (most often thought to be Ka Lae, South Point). This area is the perfect backdrop in which to explore cultural and environmental issues, while

Community Service 1/15/10

On Friday Jan 15th the group visited the Na’alehu Community Center to help the O Kau Kakou organization set up for the community free dinner. The group was very helpful in arranging tables for the 100 or so people they expected to attend the dinner. The center bustled with the activity of many people preparing

Making biodiesel?

As established in the previous blog post Hawaii’s clean energy intiative, Hawaii is making strides in eliminating the state’s severe dependence on imported oil and working toward shifting to renewable energy resources.  In a recent discussion on NPR, experts highlighted that Hawaii is meeting it’s short term goals in utilizing renewable energy resources.  The clean

A Day with Ka ‘Ohana O Honu’apo

Ka ‘Ohana O Honu’apo motto is three fold: malama ‘aina (care for the land), kupono (honesty) and kuleana (responsibility). The organization was formed to help steward the land at the old village site of Honu’apo (literally caught turtle) after the community banded together to raise monies to purchase the land to ensure it was not

2nd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament

The malama group woke up bright and early today to head down to Punalu’u to lend our hand in helping to organize and set-up for the 2nd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament. This is a community event that was taking place near Pacific Quest and offered a perfect opportunity for us to support both the people

Tsunami warning in coastal regions of Hawaii is lifted

Photo by Clark Little While Pacific Quest’s students were nestled in the hills high in Kau and well out of any tsunami danger zones (roughly 1500 feet in elevation), coastal regions in Hawaii today were on high alert.  As many followed the news on their computers and televisions many Hawaii residents were forced to evacuate

Lassoing Weeds – Community Service Project

Last Saturday the Ohana group participated in a community service project at Punaluu Beach Park.  Punaluu is one of the largest black sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii and is located about 30 minutes from the PQ campus.  It is most famously known for the green sea turtles that come to rest and