2nd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament

The malama group woke up bright and early today to head down to Punalu’u to lend our hand in helping to organize and set-up for the 2nd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament. This is a community event that was taking place near Pacific Quest and offered a perfect opportunity for us to support both the people in the community who volunteer their time to help make this event a reality and the young people who will be fishing. Our early morning contribution was comprised of tasks such as setting up tables and pop-up tents and wiping down tables and chairs that would be used for the day. This event is sponsored by O Ka’u Kakoa (loosely: we are ka’u), a local volunteer organization that helps to provide for the needs of the community through service projects and community events such as this. By volunteering this morning the malama group was able to meet people from the community who are taking part in giving back and to give back to this place in which they are currently living themselves. Before going this morning we also discussed the idea that service is not only giving back, but also receiving, and that no matter how small the individual action each student in the malama group contributed to a child’s fishing tournament experience. Remember how good it felt when people made amazing things happen for you to take part in when you were a small child?2nd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults


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