Lassoing Weeds – Community Service Project

Community Service Project - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Last Saturday the Ohana group participated in a community service project at Punaluu Beach Park.  Punaluu is one of the largest black sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii and is located about 30 minutes from the PQ campus.  It is most famously known for the green sea turtles that come to rest and raise their body temperatures during the day but has far more historical and cultural significance.  Fed by several fresh water springs it is believed that in times of drought Hawaiians would dive with gourds to capture drinking water.  There is also a large fresh water pond that is home to many different kinds of fish and wildlife.  Unfortunately the pond has been overrun with a noxious plant which suffocates the fish and makes it impossible for other wildlife to enjoy their habitat.  Three times a year the community of Kau comes together to clean the water, lassoing the weeds with a water rope and dragging them onto the shore.  Our students worked side by side with other community members to care for the land and give back to an area where they often enjoy swimming and viewing marine life.


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