Educational Consultants Visit PQ

Pacific Quest Wilderness TherapyPacific Quest wilderness therapy program recently hosted a group of 17 educational consultants from around the nation for a two day visit to allow referring professionals an opportunity to see our program from the inside out. Highlights included student guided garden tours, lots of time for students to share their insights and experiences while at Pacific Quest, and an introduction to the different roles that staff, supervisors and therapists play in the daily function of life in the PQ garden.

Educational consultants provide families an important service, often spending part of the year traveling to different programs, and assessing which school or program is the right fit for a young person and their family. By working with an educational consultant, families are setup for success, and receive lots of support in the difficult decisions that they face regarding where the best place is for their children to learn and grow.  One  of our visitors commented, “It was an amazing time for me personally and I learned volumes about your program that I never knew before!”  Another visitor added, “I congratulate you on putting together a very creative approach to wilderness therapy. I know that everyone who attended the few days walked away with the same feelings: being able to trust all of you with clients who are in need of a new journey in their lives…”  What stood out most from the visit was the unanimous recognition of our staff; their passion and professionalism makes the difference in so many ways.


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