Green Sands Beach

Green Sands Beach - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

The group was able to visit Green Sands Beach. This was one of those days that makes living in Hawaii so worth it!

We started out the day by driving down to South Point. Along the way the group discussed local history, and in particular how the area was probably the first in Hawaii to be colonized by humans. The group also touched on the abrupt dropoff of the coastline, making for good fishing and whale watching.  The fishing was an integral aspect in making the area conducive to human survival.

The first stop was the fishing area at the point. Kawika showed the students canoe ties offs on the cliffs that were carved by ancient Hawaiians.  These tie offs are still in use today. The group toured the blow holes and cave underneath. They got to watch people fish and Kawika talked about all the potential places that one could access by hiking.









Next the group approached Green Sands along the four wheel drive coastline road. This is a highlight since as the area is plagued with rough terrain and steep hills.

When at the beach, the group found the swimming and body boarding conditions to be just right. Sunny with no clouds! Waves just big enough to toss people around without being scary. A steady cool breeze. And best of all, the group had it all to themselves most of the day.

The rest of the day was smooth. The group went body boarding, ate lunch, then went body boarding again. The day ended with us driving home in silence, as everyone was so exhausted from the full day.


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