Have You Heard of Horticulture Therapy?

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director

We are proud to announce Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program is now a member of the American Horticultural Therapy Association! AHTA began in 1973 and currently has over 800 members worldwide.  If you are not familiar with Horticultural Therapy, it’s becoming a more recognized field with evidence-based practices that have been applied in clinical, residential, outpatient, and experiential programs.  Each year AHTA publishes a research journal that provides both quantitative and qualitative support for therapeuticPQ AHTA interventions that utilize the interactive and sensory experience of gardening to treat a wide range of conditions that include PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  Similar to other nature-based therapies such as equine therapy and wilderness therapy, horticulture therapy could arguably be considered one of the most ancient forms of mental health treatment dating as far back as the early Greek civilization.  This is an exciting time for PQ and we look forward to spending more time in the garden!  To learn more, please visit the AHTA website at https://www.ahta.org

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