Honomolino Adventure

The Honomolino Outing started off with the group loading up the cars and heading to the old village of Milolii. We parked the cars in the village and hiked south along the coast for about a mile or so across dry lava fields. The hike ended at a large bay, coconut grove and a 100 yard long black sand beach. Despite the rainy and overcast weather most other places, the beach was sunny and hot. Honomolino is conducive to many activities including swimming, snorkeling or play games on the sand. There are tide pools to explore and an ample supply of coconuts to crack open. Weather permitting, there are also a deep water cove with steep sides where the kids can make take small jumps into the water. On this trip, the visibility in the ocean was low and the waves were a little too big for us to jump off the rocks safely. Regardless we all had a great time.

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