I Found My Own Superpower

When I was sent to Pacific Quest, I had to really accept that there is no fairy tale ending. A handsome prince won’t come take me a away and solve all my problems. Being bullied into isolation left me with only books, video games, and TV. All were perfect examples of an ideal world where if you keep going for long enough, the time to stand up on the lunch table and roast the bullies will happen. All I needed to do was wait. 

But there is no half-giant to tell me I’m a witch or talking cat to tell me I’m the moon princess reborn. I realized I needed to go through some intense treatment to actually find a reason to keep going through life. So, for the next two and half months, I worked hard to get a grip and continue a normal life. I was then sent to Solstice East to work even harder and dig even deeper. 

I now know how to (realistically) stand up for myself, stay in the moment, and overall stay stronger than I’ve ever been. By learning regulation skills, social awareness, and all sorts of other things that would exceed the word limit, I learned to not wait for the magic white horse or closet that leads to an adventure. I found my own superpower which is my resilience, strength, humor, love, and empathy. Instead of looking for an unrealistic outside source for myself to fix my problems, I turn inward and stand strong for my opinions and my life.

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