Kilauea Volcano actively errupting:)

Many of you have already heard the news reports – A new rift has opened in the Kilauea Volcano crater and lava is spattering out up to 100 ft in the air!  The rift is 2.3 km long located between Pu’u ‘Ō’ō and Nāpau Crater.  This is exciting news to residents and volcanologists on the Big Island.  See this video for some quick footage.

Not to be alarmed, recent activity is contained in The Volcanoes National Park and creating some added flow in the current area that flows to the ocean. Pacific Quest camps, offices and outings are in no danger from the new activity. Although the activity is located in a remote area of the park, we have suspended any outings to the National Park for safety reasons.

For up to date information, visit the USGS website.

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