Clinical Spotlight: Mark Storey

With a passion for finding a student’s authentic self, Mark Storey brings dynamic long-term wilderness therapy experience to Pacific Quest. Since 2005 Mark has worked in outdoor behavioral health. Mark worked as lead field staff and as family program guide at a wilderness therapy program in the Blue Ridge Mountains . After completing his Master’s Degree he worked as the sole clinical therapist at a residential facility in Puerto Rico before finding his home at Pacific Quest.

In addition to his experiential family-focus work, Mark worked in both individual counseling and equestrian therapy. As a Seattle native, Mark earned his B.A. from the Comparative History of Ideas program at the University of Washington after completing his thesis in Creativity in Wilderness Therapy, and would go on to earn a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University.

Mark’s work pulls from more traditional styles such as CBT and Reality Therapy, while simultaneously incorporating newer models such as DBT, Sandplay Therapy, EMDR, and Positive Psychology. In issues related to communication, Mark teaches Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy (CIT), a type of therapy focused on empowering the individual to be accountable for the type of relationship they are creating. CIT focuses on building trust and understanding through reflective listening and assertive communication. CIT helps students re-consider themselves and their own value, while restoring the student’s own ability to establish healthy connections and build self-efficacy, motivation, and self-confidence.

Mark has a genuine curiosity that keeps him both amused and humbled. Staying true to his last name, Mark lives in a way that creates the best ‘Storey’ while living by his core values of compassion, gratitude, and exploration. When away from work Mark is excited to explore what this amazing land has to offer while working to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for Native Hawaiian culture.

Parent Testimonials:

Mark Storey is a Jedi Knight, a rock star and an intuitive genius all in one. Truly a gifted therapist and offered a wonderful platform for our child to grow. Thank you.

We love Mark Storey!! From the very beginning, we felt Mark understood Jesse and Jesse felt understood by him. He was both incredibly supportive and very direct and effective in his interventions and communication. And he’s been very responsive in (our son’s) transition to his new school.

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