Outing 10/29 – South Point & Manuka State Park

Our outing last Friday was to South Point and Manuka State Park.  South Point is one of the oldest fishing areas on the Big Island and among the few that is still in use today.  Its dramatic drop off offers the opportunity to catch big game fish straight from shore.  South Point is a draw for locals and tourists alike offering the last view into the Pacific for thousands of miles and a popular spot for “cliff jumping.”  Because of its remote local trash often accumulates giving our students a great service project while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Manuka State Park was established in the 1930’s in an effort to capture and preserve some of Hawaii’s native vegetation while giving travelers a scenic spot to rest.  There is a scenic 2-mile hiking loop where native plants are labeled giving our students a chance to identify new and familiar native plants.  There is also a pit crater offering a glimpse into a world virtually untouched by man and filled with native ferns and other plants and insects.

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