PQ Nursery Order

PQ Nursery Order - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

“We are excited about the garden developments in our newest camps,” said PQ organic garden specialist Patrick Leatherman.  Patrick completed a large scale order from a local big island nursery last week.  He seems very enthusiastic about the tropical fruits that the plants will provide.  Patrick ordered 5 Tahitan Lime trees, 5 Pink Eureka Lemon trees, 30 Lilikoi vines (purple and yellow), and 100 Bananas trees.

PQ students have been working hard preparing for this nursery order.  There are many holes that need to be dug still.  A banana tree requires a hole that is roughly two feet deep by a foot wide.  With 100 banana trees that means a lot of digging.  Photo above are trees that are waiting to be planted.


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