Say you want a VEGGIELUTION…

PQ Therapist Mark Storey and Family Services Director Mike Sullivan teamed up with Sky’s the Limit Fund to host a community gardening event in San Jose, CA.  Veggielution, a community garden set in reclaimed land under a myriad of freeways, was excited to host the group.   It was a huge success, and a great reminder of the power of teamwork and determination.

In good PQ fashion, the group started off the day in an introduction circle, and discussed personal intentions for the day. Then it was onto hard work – pruning, weeding, shoveling, hauling, and clearing, rehabilitating a neglected native hedgerow.  The native hedgerow is important for keeping insects out of the organic garden (which every organic gardener knows is always a challenge!). The group high fived and celebrated success!

Thank you to Sky’s the Limit Fund for spearheading and organizing the event.  Thank you to the staff at Veggielution for your environmental stewardship and commitment to sustainability.  The PQ ohana looks forward to more collaboration and supporting philanthropic endeavors.


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