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Horticultural Therapy’s Unique Ability to Foster Healing

June is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month, and here at Pacific Quest, we offer horticultural therapy as a form a therapy for clients who may be struggling with trauma and/or PTSD. Horticultural therapy has long been used to help people with these conditions. In the 1940s and 1950s, American war veterans — many of

Wilderness Therapy in Hawaii Presents Year-Round Opportunity

For many of us, winter means snow-covered walkways, freezing temperatures and commutes lengthened by the presence of puddles and slush. However, winter in Hawaii is idyllic, with sunny days and average daily temperatures often hovering around 75°F. These pristine weather conditions mean that outdoor activities continue unabated during the Hawaiian winter. Specifically, winter is a

Pacific Quest Welcomes Sharon Findlay to the Admissions Team

Pacific Quest is excited to welcome Sharon Findlay to our team! Sharon comes to Pacific Quest with extensive experience working with families and professionals in the therapeutic education field. Sharon joins Erin Levine, JD Daubs, and Kellyn Symthe as part of the PQ Admissions Team and will also work closely with the Outreach and Communications

Pacific Quest Receives AHTA Therapeutic Garden Design Award

By: Yvette Slagle, Communications Manager Pacific Quest’s Horticultural Therapy Director Travis Slagle M.A. recently accepted the national award in Therapeutic Garden Design from the  American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA). The nomination process included an outpouring of inspiring testimonials from families, alumni, educational consultants, and mental health professionals from across the country. Travis comments, “The greatest

Pacific Quest Video Series :: Travis Slagle On Horticulture Therapy

“What I find in horticultural therapy that I couldn’t find when I worked in wilderness therapy, adventure therapy and even ropes courses, was the sense of purpose: A sense of purpose and adventure in creating a more sustainable life.” -Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director What is Horticulture Therapy Horticulture has been used as a therapeutic

Pacific Quest Video Series :: Student Testimonial

“Pacific quest changed my life; I realize now that nothing is impossible. With just some water and a seed I can create a whole ecosystem of life. Life at Pacific Quest helped me express my emotions in a positive way. Pacific Quest will change your life, too, if you just let it.” – Pacific Quest

Horticultural Therapy Training Day

By:  Isabel Holmes, Academic Coordinator This month Pacific Quest will host two company wide Horticultural Therapy trainings.  Last week, over 40 staff members gathered at Reed’s Bay for the first training.  We were able to utilize the full campus and make the most of our garden experiences for staff and the land. The day included