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Pacific quest changed my life; I realize now that nothing is impossible. With just some water and a seed I can create a whole ecosystem of life. Life at Pacific Quest helped me express my emotions in a positive way. Pacific Quest will change your life, too, if you just let it.” – Pacific Quest student testimonial

Pacific Quest: True To Our Testimonials

Pacific Quest is an internationally-recognized residential wilderness therapy program based in Hawaii that serves struggling teens and young adults from around the world. Our testimonials show just how Pacific Quest goes beyond traditional wilderness therapy programs: by cultivating change through sustainable growth. Our outdoor wilderness therapy and horticulture therapy programs teach sustainable life skills in a clinically innovative and nurturing environment. It helps young people make better choices and live healthier, more productive lives.

The many amazing testimonials from both alumni and their parents point to the pivotal changes made to each and every student who was ready for positive change. The testimonials also speak to the invaluable lessons and experiences students have had that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Read more incredible testimonials on just how and why Pacific Quest is consistently sought after as the best wilderness therapy program.

The Pacific Quest Program Through Testimonials

“My negative emotions were affecting everyone around me and I was out of control. I didn’t care about life and that was obvious by my behavior. It was a sad and difficult time for me and my family.”

In general, students arrive at Pacific Quest with internalizing behaviors, experiencing depression, anxiety, computer addiction, bullying, and/or interpersonal conflict with family members and their peers. During the Pacific Quest experience, the students and their families are involved in the therapeutic process together.

Pacific Quest is the only wilderness therapy program with a truly integrated and comprehensive medical and wellness team who work in tandem with the adolescent or young adult, his or her primary therapist, referring professionals (as applicable) and parents. We fully address and manage the clinical and medical complexity of each student.

“With just some water and a seed I can create a whole ecosystem of life. The garden is just like me.”

Pacific Quest’s “Sustainable Growth” model utilizes a unique combination of highly experienced and dedicated clinicians, horticultural therapy, experiential education and natural metaphors to support real, long-lasting change. Students gain a greater sense of awareness about themselves and the world through experiences in our gardens and they begin to make better choices and gain the tools necessary to lead healthy, productive lives long after program completion.

This is the cornerstone of our Sustainable Growth™ treatment model, offering young people the skills and unconditional support to express a profound sense of care that not only builds confidence, but also supports a healthier and more purposeful way of life.

“I can see how my choices impact others and myself. Empower yourself. Empower others.”

During the Ohana phase (Ohana means “family”), students are fully immersed in the community and take on key roles as part of the collective whole. They have the opportunity to reflect upon their role, how they can empower others in the natural environment and build both an environment and a community.

During the Malama phase (Malama means “to care”), students move around to different gardens acting as mentors, focusing on contribution, working at the farmer’s market, and designing legacy projects to leave behind for others. This stage signifies a readiness to actively take on new responsibilities and commit to something greater than one’s self—which is to give before taking.

“I’m in control of my own happiness and success and I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

The horticultural experience at Pacific Quest is based on the premise that people naturally want to do work that feels good because it evokes a feeling of purpose, and relates to the larger scope of their lives. Through the activities in the garden, young people are immersed in an environment that challenges the need for immediate gratification and entitled attitudes.

Unlike any other outdoor therapeutic program, students at Pacific Quest have an opportunity to learn about confidence by working together to cultivate the food they eat, and testing practical skills in a garden that are transferable in a modern society. They learn about courage to face fears and the confidence that comes when achieving a goal.

“Life at Pacific Quest helped me express my emotions in a positive way. When I am sad or angry I use my negative emotions and energy to create life, which makes me feel good, and I like feeling good!”

Working in Pacific Quest’s therapeutic garden incorporates sensory integration and somatic experiencing. Our clinicians and guides are trained in the neurodevelopmental approach that stimulates the human capacity to self-regulate and problem solve, beginning with a physiological attunement with the sensory experiences in the body and the immediate environment.

At Pacific Quest, horticultural therapy is not only an intervention, it also an overarching philosophy, addressing the state of “hyper arousal” and “deregulation” within the nervous system while nurturing a reciprocal relationship with the natural world.

“Now I believe in myself and my relationships with my family and others are stronger than ever.”

While families typically seek out Pacific Quest because of the struggles their children are facing, it’s important to recognize that issues affect the entire family unit. To support sustainable and lasting familial growth, we fully utilize family participation in the therapeutic process.

Our approach to working with families is psychologically informed, as our clinicians draw on family systems theory. By involving the entire family in the healing process, we can enhance communication, increase empathy and help develop usable conflict resolution skills, ultimately deepening each individual’s understanding and trust in the greater process.

Allow Pacific Quest to Help You

“Pacific quest changed my life; I realize now that nothing is impossible. I understand that my life is valuable and I refuse to waste it.”

At Pacific Quest, we create life-changing experiences for struggling adolescents and young adults. Consider the wilderness therapy and horticultural experience to help promote change and healing within the therapeutic gardens at Pacific Quest.

Continue your journey and learn more about the Pacific Quest Wellness Program, Horticultural Therapy, Academic Curriculum and so much more.

To speak to someone for more information on who we are, our approach and program please contact us or call: 808.937.5806


Pacific Quest Student Testimonial // long version from Pacific Quest on Vimeo.

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