Top Notch Testimonial

Mahalo for this wonderful parent testimonial:

“Transformative and life-saving are just two of the many positive adjectives that describe our family’s experience with PQ. If your child is in need, and you are fortunate enough to be able send your child, just do it. Theresa and Camille, just two of the many gifted and caring PQ therapists, support not just the child, but the family as well. Weekly calls help parents understand what their kid is experiencing, and the difficulties in the family dynamic that led them to PQ. PQ therapists then educate the family on how to change the dynamic – how to talk to, and listen to, your child. Moreover, the experienced individuals working daily with the kids are top notch – patient, kind and empathetic. The PQ parent on-site parent program is top notch. The individual and group sessions provide deep insight and understanding of your child’s behavior and causes of that behavior. It’s an incredibly difficult journey, but at PQ you are not alone. I cannot say this enough times – if you are in need of a program, look no further, just send your child to PQ.”

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