Tune into Interview with Toby Mautz, PQ Clinical Director on April 18th!!

Radio Interview with Toby Mautz, PQ Clinical Director  - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young AdultsDore Frances will host Toby Mautz, MSW, LCSW on her radio show titled “Family Solutions Today” on April 18th at noon pacific time.  Toby will talk about Sustainable Growth (The PQ therapeutic model) and how to incorporate the lessons into family daily life.  Toby has been working on refining this model for years, drawing on his experience of working with hundreds of teens and families in several therapeutic settings.  His theory is simple yet captivating.  Listeners will absolutely find it applicable to their daily lives.  Tune into LA Talk Radio on the web!!!

Also, stay tuned for a follow up blog posting regarding the radio show and feel free to post comments or questions here on the PQ blog.

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