Volcano National Park 10/15/10

Volcano National Park 10/15/10 - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Volcano National Park is located about 30 minutes North of Pacific Quest and offers a wide variety of geographical and educational opportunities.   Students were able to learn about the unique volcanic phenomenon that make up the islands of Hawaii.

Our first stop was to see the tree molds where a lava flow enclosed several large trees creating a mold of the trunk as the lava cooled and the tree rotted away.  Next we stopped at the visitor center and Kawika explained how insects and other animals made their way to the Big Island by traveling on the currents of the ocean and the wind.

We drove to the Jaggar museum which overlooks the Kilaeau crater and offers some great information on volcanos including sismagraphs and samples of different kinds of lava rocks.  Afterward we stopped and ate lunch and the group enjoyed a conversation about some current events.

Our next stop was the Kilauea Iki trail where a dramatic 1959 eruptions filled an 800 ft crater half way with a lake of lava.  The trail decends the 400 ft onto the now hardened lava mass.  We then went the lava tubes where the students were able to see some ancient native plants.

Concluding our trip we drove to the coast where you could see the plum from lava hitting the ocean in the distance.   The group seemed to enjoy feeling the cool breeze and mist from the ocean standing for quite some time looking out over the ocean.


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