Wellness lesson

Wellness class in Malama this week focused on the 5 pillars of health how they have evolved for each individual during their journey at PQ.  The lesson emphasized nutrition and the reasoning behind the PQ diet in terms of whole, unprocessed food.  The group discussed the role different nutrients play in the body as well as how to optimize digestion. The lesson also discussed the health benefits of regular exercise, consistent sleep and breathing. Finally, the student’s shared personal examples of the mind/body connection with  the group.  The class ended with chi gong and deep breathing.  This is always a “crowd pleaser” because the students are able to tune in and feel their own chi!

Wellness class in the Ohana camp touched upon nutrition, diet and the mind-body connection. We discussed healthy, organic, sustainable food choices as well as the food industry as a whole. Also discussed were the manifestations of stress on the body, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the role of stress and stress management techniques. We ended the class with chi gong and deep breathing exercises as well.

The assignments given to each student was

1. write down 3 major stressors in their life, 3 physical, emotional or mental manifestations of their stress and at least 2 ways to relieve stress when they perceive it.

2. Create a recipe for the PQ cookbook including how to prepare with specific healthy ingredients

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