Hawaii’s clean energy initiative

The Big Island of Hawaii gained national attention today in the New York Times. In an article titled Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids, author Felicity Barringer focuses on the potential for green energy in Hawaii.  The article opens with the mention of a wind farm in Na’alehu (pictured above), located at the

Making biodiesel?

As established in the previous blog post Hawaii’s clean energy intiative, Hawaii is making strides in eliminating the state’s severe dependence on imported oil and working toward shifting to renewable energy resources.  In a recent discussion on NPR, experts highlighted that Hawaii is meeting it’s short term goals in utilizing renewable energy resources.  The clean

Toby Mautz on LA talk radio

In case you missed Toby’s appearance on LA talk radio, you can download it here.  Toby shared about the PQ therapeutic model coined “sustainable growth.” It was also the final LA talk radio show hosted by Dore Frances. Toby emphasizes the importance in nurturing the whole self.  He offers a lens of viewing the self

A Trademark for the Future

  By Travis Slagle, Land Supervisor Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program announces it has been awarded a registered trademark for Sustainable GrowthTM from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Pacific Quest has received international recognition for innovative treatment for youth and families in crisis and the recent trademark only confirms its ongoing leadership in

Sustainable Community

By Martha Bouchard, Program Director What feeds a community? There are the rote answers: food, water, shelter. But let’s assume your basic needs are being met. What comes next? For me, it is being part of a community that allows space for people to learn, grow and change. One of my greatest joys in working

“Aloha Aina”- To Love the Land

By Travis Slagle, Horticulture Therapy Director To love the land is the oldest and most essential way of life in Hawaii.  The people who care deeply for the land know what it means to be “pono” (to have integrity); they respect the ancestors by continuing their work, by planting the seeds, cultivating the “kalo” (taro),

PQ Welcomes Visitors From Australia

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy program recently hosted two key leaders from the Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria, Australia. Karen and Paul Delamotte joined Pacific Quest’s Land Supervisor Travis Slagle for an interactive tour of the 8 acre wilderness program in Hawaii that has provided life changing experiences for hundreds of youth from around the world.

Sustainable Growth At Pacific Quest

By Dr. Jessica Romeyn Last week I had the opportunity to visit Pacific Quest in lovely Hawaii. Located on the Big Island in Hilo, Pacific Quest (PQ) is not your average wilderness program. Created by Mike and Suzanne McKinney, PQ has 2 programs; one for adolescents and the other, young adults. The model for the programs

Creation, Transformation & Restoration in the Village at Reeds Bay

By Mac MacLaird, Horticultural Supervisor Reeds Bay When the Young Adult program moved to Reeds Bay, Hilo, the transition was similar to the transition plants go through when they get transplanted. For plants, the first couple days are the hardest, the first couple months at Reeds Bay were the most difficult for us. We had

Ecological Concepts and Application on the Human Scale

By Mike McGee, Field Supervisor Around the year 1500, an old growth Ohia Lehua tree came crashing to the ground near the present day town of Volcano, HI.  It made a thunderous crash although no one was there to witness it.  It destroyed the undergrowth around it and killed many individual organisms that depended on