Toby Mautz on LA talk radio

In case you missed Toby’s appearance on LA talk radio, you can download it here.  Toby shared about the PQ therapeutic model coined “sustainable growth.” It was also the final LA talk radio show hosted by Dore Frances.

Toby emphasizes the importance in nurturing the whole self.  He offers a lens of viewing the self as three equal parts, including the mind, body, and emotion.  “Sustainable growth” gives people a framework for caring for each domain of the self – taking care of our bodies through diet/nutrition, exercise, consistent sleep cycles, adequate hydration; stimulating our minds through active learning and engagement; and tapping into our emotions through identification/expression, reflection.  This model becomes sustainable when people implement action in each domain in a balanced way.

Toby Mautz on LA talk radio - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults


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