A Trademark for the Future


By Travis Slagle, Land Supervisor

Pacific Quest Wilderness TherapyPacific Quest wilderness therapy program announces it has been awarded a registered trademark for Sustainable GrowthTM from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Pacific Quest has received international recognition for innovative treatment for youth and families in crisis and the recent trademark only confirms its ongoing leadership in the wilderness therapy industry. Sustainable GrowthTM is a holistic treatment model differentiating Pacific Quest from other outdoor therapy programs. When asked to comment on the recent announcement, Mark Agosto, Pacific Quest’s Business Director stated, “Our trademark shows that Pacific Quest is changing the face of outdoor programming.” Much of the Sustainable GrowthTM model is based on the ability to offer outdoor programming that utilizes the nurturing environment of an organic garden in Hawaii, while incorporating the aspects of safety and structure of residential treatment.

Pacific Quest’s position as an industry leader and its success in acquiring a registered trademark is a result of high standards of care including comprehensive health and wellness standards with a full time Nurse and Naturopathic Doctor (ND) on staff as well as a consulting Medical Physician (MD) and Psychiatrist (MD). All students receive multiple sessions of individual and group therapy every week with primary clinicians with a master or doctorate degree, and daily therapeutic encounters that occur naturally while living and working in a group and cultivating an organic garden. Learning how to grow the food they eat, planting food for future generations, and selling their harvest at a local farmers market, students at Pacific Quest develop sustainable life skills that are transferable to a future beyond wilderness therapy. Congratulations to all the hardworking people that helped create the Sustainable GrowthTM model and for delivering such a powerful force of change for youth and their families.

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