Going for the Gold!

Written by: Ashley Cipponeri

We are celebrating another year as a Gold Status Research Designated Program! The Pacific Quest team is dedicated to ongoing research efforts put forth by the University of New Hampshire and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). Gold Status is the highest status granted by the NATSAP research committee for data collection rates.

PQ data indicates that a significant number of our adolescent and young adult students that graduate Pacific Quest report a reduction in clinical symptoms and remain below the clinical cut-off six months and one year post treatment. We utilize a normed and valid survey known as the Youth Outcome Questionnaire for adolescents and the Outcome Questionnaire for young adults.

We are grateful for every family that has contributed to our data collection efforts since we began this partnership with UHM and NATSAP in July 2014. We look forward to continued data collection using normed and valid measures and our continued contribution to the outdoor behavioral health research database.

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