Sustainable Growth! A must read alumna testimony!

Three years ago I was known for running away from Pacific Quest on several occasions. Now I look back and see how far I’ve come.

I attended Pacific Quest at a very rough point in my life. I was suffering with several mental health issues as well as the aftermath of severe emotional trauma from childhood. I have anger issues, attitude issues, self and esteem issues.

Through the beautiful hearts and souls that comprise this program, from therapists to field staff, I healed from alot of early childhood issues, learned to love myself, developed coping mechanisms to cope with my mental health issues, and made meaningful connections that i never thought i could make. I also had a genetic test done that allowed me to find out the right type of medication I should be on.

Three years later, I left California and moved to North Carolina with my mom, where I have been pursuing horticulture and landscaping, with a deep passion of becoming a horticultural therapist down the line. I am a Certified Plant Professional through North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association.

I still struggle with mental health and emotional issues, however, with the continued coping skills learned from PQ put into action such as meditation, journaling, exercise, gardening, and well as my own continued pursuit of counseling outside of PQ, I’ve created a life that is truly worth living. I finally have healthy friendships and relationships that I enjoy and feel joyful most days regardless of the circumstance.

One of my favorite quotes is that “people will only meet you as deep as they’ve met themselves”. I definitely met myself in a meaningful and often painful way at PQ, which in the life changed me and made me grow for the better.

Thank you PQ. When things are rough, I think of all the loving hearts that have pushed me to be my very best self and help me recognize the potential for a better life.

With love and gratitude, 26 year old female alum

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