Letter From a Neighbor

Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program recently hosted a community visit, which allowed our neighbors and residents in Ka’u (Southern Hawaii) to learn more about our program, to interact with the students and staff, to share lunch, and even join in a land project. We received an unexpected letter from a community member and thought our readers might enjoy it.

November 21, 2011

Dear Pacific Quest,

I thank you for the opportunity to attend the community visit and information session on November 19, 2011. This letter is to Whom It May Concern and if desired you may post it. As a current member of the Ka’u community working with the youth of Hawaii Island and the district of Ka’u, I had an interest in what your organization was about. I had been to your web site and spoke with various people I know, but in all honestly I had no idea what to expect, for I am one of those who want to see for myself. Your site is informative but truly doesn’t scratch the surface of what your staff and directors and clinicians do for these youth…

As a martial Artist of 45 years and an instructor of 35 years the benefits to the youth I’ve taught were not only obvious but almost too numerous to mention on a personal level. However across the board, respect to others as well as respect to one’s self, humility, etiquette, physical and mental health, self confidence, and the ability to be environmentally aware carried through to all.

Having said all of this I would have never imagined that tasks as simple as planting, gardening, and environmental clean up could instill such a great level of pride, education, and an awareness of their own lives, community, and environment in these kids. I found the students at Pacific Quest to be extremely polite, courteous, communicative, informed, and downright pleasant to be around. The staff was caring, well selected for their tasks and all have a sincere desire and aptitude for working with the young people of our world. In my opinion Pacific Quest is a top draw organization that continues to develop and is willing to research and check every avenue for the good of these young men and women, I commend them on their success and continuing efforts and it’s a joy as well as a benefit to have them in our community. Kudos to them for what they do so well!


Gordon B.

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