Mike Sullivan Promoted to Alumni and Family Services Director

Pacific Quest is pleased to announce therapist, Mike Sullivan’s promotion to Alumni and Family Services Director. In this new capacity, Mike’s skill set will be leveraged to bring a layer of support to all PQ families, while at Pacific Quest and beyond. Mike will draw on years of clinical experience to help families maximize the incredible potential that the PQ Sustainable Growth™ model offers.

“Mike knows the program inside and out. This new role will provide greater opportunity for all PQ families to benefit from Mike’s experience and supportive approach.” says PQ Founder, Mike McKinney.

Mike’s role will be dynamic, in that he will be supporting families during the transition into PQ, facilitating the on-site, three day PQ Family Program, and maintaining relationships with families following their PQ experience. Many PQ alumni report that the relationships cultivated at PQ are the most genuine and meaningful relationships they have ever experienced. Students often graduate with a desire to stay in touch and maintain the sense of community that emerged in the program. Through their participation in the PQ Family Program, parents seek to continue that sense of community as well.

“We have an amazing pool of PQ graduates who want to stay connected.  The number of graduates is growing each year, and with so much positive energy, we are working to channel it into supporting one another and giving back. That is ultimately what community is about— supporting and giving back,” says Mike Sullivan.

Mike started his work with Pacific Quest as a therapist in 2009 and is excited about his transition into this new role. Mike will attend the upcoming 2015 NATSAP conference in Nashville, Tennessee. He looks forward to talking about his new role at the conference!