Whats FRESH? Pacific Quest at the Farmers Market is FRESH!

Pacific Quest Staff and students have begun participating in the Na’alehu Farmers Market every Wednesday from 8:00-11:30 am. We have been steadily providing lettuce, lemon grass and parsley. Also when in abundance we have provided kale, mint, oregano, bananas, papaya, lemons and hot peppers. The PQ produce are quality and sold at a reasonable price! Pacific Quest at the Farmers Market is FRESH! - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

The main purpose of our being at the Na’alehu Farmers Market is to foster a sense of community. When our profits reach over $100 we donate that amount to a local organization. I am proud to announce that everyone’s hard work has “paid off” and we made our first donation to TuTu & Me traveling pre-school, located in our Ka’u town Na’alehu.

TUTU & Me traveling preschool is an educational program that serves the Native Hawaiian and part Hawaiian community. TUTU & Me aims to support the educational needs of these growing children along with their respective families. The program curriculum consists of educational learning themes, cultural aspects as well as values that continue to influence the lives of native Hawaiians.


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