Parent contributions

Sustainable Growth: A Parent’s Journey

When I went to the parent workshops last December to visit my 14-year-old son, I was struck by the language, the setting and the lifestyle of the Pacific Quest community.  PQ staff repeatedly emphasized the word growth.  I would naturally comment on “change” only to be gently reminded that the PQ philosophy stresses “growth.”  

“Pacific Quest, this is Rob…”

By Rob Jarrett, Admissions Director Every call starts this way, but soon the details come out. It is mostly moms and dads who call, but sometimes its aunts, grandfathers, or friends of the family. They all have a sad story to share about a child that they care deeply about, but can’t seem to help. 

Letter From A Parent

Here is a great testimonial from a parent who came to Hawaii to reunite with her daughter during a recent Parent Workshop: The Pacific Quest parent weekend is a must for all parents of PQ students. For me, as a parent, it was equally painful, confusing and heart wrenching to live with and parent someone

Family Matters: A Glimpse into the Family Program at PQ

Mike Sullivan, MA, LMHC Family and Alumni Services Director Family involvement is critical to a child’s resilience and overall success. At Pacific Quest, family is heavily incorporated into the therapeutic process from the start through extensive communication, writing assignments and a parallel curriculum which compliments each child’s therapeutic plan.  Therapists introduce concepts related to

Internet Addiction: Our Son’s Journey of Healing

As parents, we were really at a point (like many families) where we had exhausted what few resources we had available to us. Our son has learning differences but had never been diagnosed on the spectrum. We had always thought wilderness programs were for kids who were out of control, bad behavior, drugs and alcohol.

Kudos Team PQ!

Dear Pacific Quest Community- with a special shout out to Bridger and Jennifer (you two rock!), Mike Sullivan (Family Program Director extraordinaire!) and Lindsey (Buffalo gals!), What a great team. Mahalo a million times. Thank you for getting a true smile, sparkle, and enthusiasm into the moment and into the future. PQ has laid a foundation for our child.  Our

Our PQ Journey: “Great Staff… and a Fascinating Approach”

There is so much that is positive about our family program visit to PQ that it could require a really long writeup to capture it all. Rather than tell you what is likely already known (great staff, wonderful caring parents, fascinating approach to deal with adolescent problems), I’ll limit my general comments to just a

Overcoming Obstacles: Our Son’s Journey at Pacific Quest

As our son struggled last year and began to lose hope. I struggled with the fact that I could not help him.  His downward spiral started with stomach aches, then he couldn’t attend school, then he couldn’t leave the house and lastly he stopped eating.  His only friends existed “virtually” online. His sister listened to

Creating A Bridge to Health & Wholeness: Our Daughter’s Story

This letter is to thank Pacific Quest for their care of my daughter and to single out three of your staff members for their skill and professionalism. Please feel free to share it with other parents who are deciding whether or not to entrust their child to Pacific Quest.   My 19 year old daughter