Letter From A Parent

Here is a great testimonial from a parent who came to Hawaii to reunite with her daughter during a recent Parent Workshop:

The Pacific Quest parent weekend is a must for all parents of PQ students. For me, as a parent, it was equally painful, confusing and heart wrenching to live with and parent someone in as much pain and hurt as my daughter was in, as I am sure, it was to be in that much pain (anger, destruction, distant, etc). When she left for PQ I was left sitting with a wide range of emotions that would hit me at various unpredictable times as I moved through my life. I am so thankful for this occasion that allowed me to be able sit and be with other parents and have the guidance of the amazing staff at PQ. I had the opportunity to chart a new course with my husband, my daughter, my son, our family and ultimately our lives. With my whole heart, I believe you and your child need and deserve the same amazing healing that happened for me and all the other parents I was with, in the 2 days I was at PQ, as it opens a door to a very different future, one that in the middle of the fear and destruction, I had lost hope could even exist. I can’t encourage you enough to drop everything and head to, crazy as it sounds to most, Hawaii!

A VERY Thankful Parent-Erin

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