Connection, Understanding and Knowledge: One Family’s Pacific Quest Journey

Max and his familyPQ was a life-changing experience for our family. As a family unit and as individuals we all grew through the program. One of the most important things we learned was that this wasn’t just about our son/stepson; it was about every single member of our family and how we fit together. The work we did together as a family with the therapy team at PQ started before we’d even decided to place our son at PQ. I really felt that the team understood what a huge decision this was for us, and that translated into our being able to ask as many questions as we needed to help us feel secure in our choice.

Once we were in the program, the support and information we received was invaluable. I never felt like I was part of a machine, and I always knew that our son was safe and in the right hands. The feedback we got about all our progress was timely and honest. For me, one of the most important feelings I got from PQ was connection. I felt connected to the program, connected to the process we were following and connected to the people who were helping us through the process. One of the strongest connections was that I felt with the other parents we met along the way. I will never forget the relief, the warmth and the comfort I felt from everyone in the room on the day we shared our family stories. From talking with our son, he felt the same connection with the other young people too, and this helped him cope with the things he is dealing with. As a family, we were transformed. As individuals we are stronger. Our future path is one of understanding and knowledge.

Our son left PQ a few weeks ago now, transferring to a therapeutic boarding school environment where he has happily settled and is making great progress. He looks back at his PQ experience with pride and humility, knowing that it set us all on the right path and understanding that the work we did at PQ has helped us all grow.

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