Kudos Team PQ!

turtle closeupDear Pacific Quest Community- with a special shout out to Bridger and Jennifer (you two rock!), Mike Sullivan (Family Program Director extraordinaire!) and Lindsey (Buffalo gals!),

What a great team. Mahalo a million times. Thank you for getting a true smile, sparkle, and enthusiasm into the moment and into the future. PQ has laid a foundation for our child.  Our son’s hard work at PQ has translated into many positive directions and hopeful possibilities. It is impossible to resist the garden metaphor here – Our son cultivated wellbeing in a beautiful place, which is important for mental well-being.

He gives PQ an enthusiastic two thumbs up- we do too! Again- mahalo, mahalo. You are now part of my ohana.  And ohana is pretty much everything. Keep on cultivating gardens!

Best wishes and good luck,

Mom of a PQ graduate 2015

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