PQ Welcomes Wendy McKoy, RN

By Yvette Slagle, Outreach Assistant

Pacific Quest Wlderness Therapy ProgramPacific Quest wilderness therapy program is pleased to announce the hiring of Wendy McKoy, RN to the wellness team.  Wendy’s role with Pacific Quest will allow her to collaborate on a team of mental health and wellness professionals providing life-changing experiences for troubled youth from around the world. Providing the assessment and treatment of a wide range of health and wellness issues is no easy task, and Wendy will have an integral role offering top-notch care and services for Pacific Quest students and their families. As a registered nurse, Wendy will work side-by-side with Naturopathic Doctor Britta Zimmer and Psychiatric Doctor Shelly Ham, working full-time to provide comprehensive “whole person” care for youth enrolled at Pacific Quest.

Wendy received her Nursing degree from Marymount University in 1992. Since then, Wendy has worked as an ICU nurse in some of the best medical centers in the country including Stanford, Cornell, Beth Israel and NYU. Wendy has also been involved in remote medical missions in the Dominican Republic, and most recently in US Army hospitals in Germany, where she provided care for wounded soldiers from Afghanistan. Wendy has spent much of her life traveling around the world and brings a wealth of experience and perspective to our program.  Wendy enjoys traveling, live music, swimming in the ocean with dolphins and sea turtles and reading to her son.

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