Pacific Quest Video Series :: Dr. Robert Voloshin, Integrative Psychiatrist

“Happiness, fulfillment, and joy in everyday life should be the bar we set… instead of taking an extreme view, I strive to take a wise, balanced, and integrative approach.” -Dr. Voloshin

Pacific Quest has an incredible new member of our Clinical and Wellness teams, Dr. Robert Voloshin, Integrative Psychiatrist. Dr. Robert Voloshin is leading the Integrative Psychiatry team at Pacific Quest with the goal of cultivating mental health for our students. The Pacific Quest integrative psychiatric model is unique in its methods of treatment.  It combines psychiatric care with naturopathic medicine allowing treatment to be individualized to the needs of each student, achieving a dynamic and comprehensive treatment approach.

Dr. Robert Voloshin: Pacific Quest Integrative Psychiatrist

“Integrative psychiatry is a way of approaching adolescents and young adults from multiple different perspectives. We use the perspectives of modern psychiatry, naturopathic medicine, developmental psychology and family systems to understand the young people and families we work with …”

As a lifelong observer of the human condition, he was innately curious about “what makes us well and what makes us sick.” Through medical school, residency, fellowship and beyond, his training in psychology and psychiatry led him to the conclusion that the origins of our mental health or lack thereof stems from our early years and our family systems, which led to his pursuit of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

In addition to Dr. Voloshin’s formal psychiatric training, he has pursued additional psychotherapy training in Somatic Experiencing and Hakomi, both of which are mindfulness-oriented, body-based approaches to psychotherapy.

Dr. Voloshin places a strong emphasis on neuroscience in his work with the young people at Pacific Quest. His psychiatric perspective is strongly informed by Interpersonal Neurobiology, the study of how our primary relationships affect the development of our brains and nervous systems. Our children’s developing brains and minds are literally formed through the relationships to those closest to them is one of his guiding principles.  His varied approach to Psychiatry also includes an emphasis on family systems theory, developmental psychology, psychopharmacology, nutrition, mind-body approaches, and our reconnection to the earth and community.

In describing our holistic and dynamic approach to integrative psychiatry at Pacific Quest Dr. Voloshin says, “Often times in traditional psychiatric care it’s very piecemeal; one of the beauties of the Pacific Quest Model is the ability for numerous providers including Psychiatrists, Primary Care Physicians, Nursing, and Therapists to be in communication with each other. The foundations of wellness are in the fundamental make-up of the Pacific Quest program.

Integration Of The Family System At Pacific Quest

“I hope that my position as a child adolescent psychiatrist will allow me to help children and families. One of my beliefs is there really is no child on their own…there is only a child within a family…I want to be able to help bring more light and love and healthy relationship to families…”

Dr. Voloshin talks about how our horticultural model can be used to understand children and families: “If you think of your child as a seed that’s growing out of the earth, they are growing out of their family system…in the same way that we can’t disconnect a seed or plant from the earth that it grows out of, we really cannot disconnect a child from the family out of which she or he comes.”

Learn About Our Integrative Psychiatry Program: Contact Pacific Quest

Wondering if Pacific Quest’s Integrative Psychiatry program is right for you?

At Pacific Quest we have a positive view of psychiatry, where optimizing the wellness of our students is just as important as treating their illnesses and difficulty areas. Our Integrative Psychiatric Care is a vital component of the therapeutic process for many of our Pacific Quest students.

Consider the horticultural experience for your adolescent or young adult to help promote change and healing within the magnificent therapeutic gardens at Pacific Quest. Continue the journey and learn more about the Pacific Quest Wellness Program, Horticultural Therapy approach, Academic Curriculum and so much more by emailing us or calling: 808-937-5806

Dr. Robert Voloshin // Pacific Quest Integrative Psychiatrist from Pacific Quest on Vimeo.

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