Thanksgiving Celebration – PQ Style!

thanksgiving2012Pacific Quest is busy preparing for our annual Thanksgiving celebration!  Students and staff work together to prepare a variety of dishes and invite the families of staff members to join in the feast.  A highlight of our Thanksgiving celebration is the imu, a traditional Hawaiian underground oven. To make an imu, a hole is dug in the ground and rocks and wood are placed inside.  A fire is started, creating a bed of coals and heating up the rocks.  Next, banana leaves and other plant materials are placed in the pit, which creates steam. The foods to be cooked are then placed inside, and more plant materials are piled on top, followed by water soaked burlap sacks. Finally, everything is covered with a plastic tarp and weighted down with rocks and dirt to prevent steam from escaping. The food steams in the imu for hours, until it is moist and tender.  While the meat slowly cooks, students and staff spend the day engaged in activities and art projects that focus on the things they are grateful for in their lives.  At a time that may be particularly challenging for students to be apart from their families, it’s incredible to see everyone working together and enjoying a unique holiday celebration with their Pacific Quest family.

We have much to be grateful for, Happy Thanksgiving!

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