Bay Area Hiring Seminar

By Matt Armstrong, Recruitment Manager

We are pleased to announce the completion of yet another successful hiring seminar, held amidst the beauty of Marin County, California. This three-day event was created for those interested in the Field Instructor position and allowed them to experience various aspects of life at Pacific Quest. Twenty participants from all over the United States joined us for what turned out to be a very memorable occasion.

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy ProgramDays included the incorporation of Pacific Quest’s most important philosophies and guiding principles. The participants worked together as they prepared meals, participated in gardening lessons, and practiced group management. Members of the seminar showcased their skill set and knowledge by responding to student scenario simulations and engaging in personal reflection and ceremonies. Participants were also very fortunate to have a former adolescent student and family visit to share about their journey with Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program.

An incredibly powerful experience happened one night as everyone followed a candle lit path to the distant beating of drums and slowly emerged upon a Rites of Passage Ceremony. This ritual, facilitated by Staff Supervisor Amy Higgins and Admissions Director Rob Jarrett, included discussions on severance as well as the learning and sharing of the Four Shields of Human Nature. The ceremony gracefully came to a close with an incredible drumming lesson with Rob.

By the end of the third day, those participating in the seminar were no longer strangers to each other and the depth of this experience formed a genuine bond and a sense of true camaraderie. This seminar and its applicants presented a good understanding of a Field Instructor’s life, the intense passion we bring into our work, and the deep desire to help struggling adolescents and young adults.

We thank all those who made the trip out to California and gave one hundred percent. We look forward to those of you who will be joining us on the Big Island!  

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