Pacific Quest Launches Two New Sites, One Great Address!

Pacific Quest is so pleased to officially announce the launch of it’s brand new website which integrates the two program specific sites- the Adolescent Program and the Young Adult Program– into one complete web address.

wilderness therapy program for troubled adolescentsThe focus for Pacific Quest is to create innovative treatments for adolescents and young adults by providing sustainable living skills through outdoor programming and by offering a holistic yet highly clinical approach to treatment that is individualized for both adolescents and young adults. Unlike any other outdoor therapy programs, Pacific Quest incorporates non-traditional aspects of wilderness therapy, like gardening & farming and rites of passage with an integrated medical and wellness team to address the whole person. Pacific Quest really represents the future of wilderness and outdoor curriculum for youth in trouble.

Although the same components and nuances work in both programs, the journey for each age group is different. While adolescents have a yearning for heightened experiences and pressing the boundaries of who they are as individuals, for young adults it is necessary to create more translatable living skills for long-term change. Thus, with the newly created program specific content on each site, it is easier to illustrate the subtle and significant differences between the two programs, while reminding readers of the integrated approach and collaborated care of Pacific Quest.

The newly enhanced website boasts a fresh new look and some exciting new features for both sites!

  • Two new updated designs and a new splash entry page with vibrant and attractive images.
  • New navigation making it easier to find and access information.
  • New content reflecting program expansion.
  • All new dynamic photos for both sites, depicting a program that really resonates with the students.
  • All new engaging and educational videos that help to explain and exemplify the relationships, rapport and roles of the many staff members and efficacy of the truly unique programming- and now with the ability to share the videos with others!
  • New and very moving testimonials of gratitude and encouragement.

Checking out the new website and all the improved features will lead you to watching some of the videos. You will see that while talking about gardening the students seem to feel a deep connection to nature and the stages of growth, mirroring their own, which gets the students talking about themselves in a safe and nurturing way. The words are then put into action, and the students embody moving from one stage to the next.  The beauty of nature and nurture couldn’t have a better example.

Pacific Quest therapist Erik Jul says that what he enjoys most about working with these students is “seeing them take hold of their own growth and actualize that… to see that they have a way they can make change happen for themselves and just support them in doing that. I think there’s magic in that”.

Check out the magic! 808.937.5806

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