PQ Partners With Jen Murphy

By Yvette Slagle, Outreach Assistant

Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy ProgramPacific Quest wilderness therapy program is pleased to partner with Jen Murphy, M.Ed., LPC.  Jen will offer Parent Coaching Services for families in need of individualized parent support, coaching and counseling.  Pacific Quest recognizes the importance of family systems and dynamics in successfully treating adolescent and young adult clients.  Parents are provided weekly one-hour phone sessions with an experienced, licensed therapist to help address their goals and needs as parents and within the family system. This process supports their child’s experience in the Pacific Quest program creating a solid comprehensive and collaborative family treatment plan.

Pacific Quest’s team of licensed therapists who will provide this specialty area to families will be led by Jen Murphy, licensed therapist. Jen has spent over 10 years working alongside adolescents and their families in internationally respected outdoor therapeutic settings and has spent the last several years honing her therapeutic skills and developing programs to provide effective coaching and support to parents during the treatment process. Like Jen, the parent coaches bring a significant amount of experience to Pacific Quest. The parent coaches work closely with their child’s Pacific Quest clinician and will consistently provide families with direct, clear and compassionate support while ensuring the highest level of continuity of care for the family.

As a parent coach, Jen will help create a setting where parents can openly discuss their personal anxieties and concerns, as well as identify their own challenges in parenting. Jen will also help develop and create new strategies in parenting, co-parenting, boundary setting and help increase positive and productive communication. Pacific Quest understands the importance of helping parents effectively learn how to empower their children while being clear about their own personal and parental boundaries.

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