PQ to Present at Wilderness Therapy Symposium

The “Dirty Work” of Transformation: Horticultural Therapy & Rites of Passage
Presentation to be held Saturday, August 29 in Park City, Utah at the OBH Wilderness Therapy Symposium

cabbagePQ’s Horticultural Therapy Director, Travis Slagle and Adolescent Field Manager, Clementine Wilson invite you to join them as they present: The “Dirty Work” of Transformation: Horticultural Therapy & Rites of Passage. This experiential presentation will be held Saturday morning, August 29 at the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council’s annual Wilderness Symposium in Park City, Utah.

Travis states, “Our goal is to create lasting change for clients in treatment, and we can do this with a nature-informed approach using horticulture and rites of passage as a primary therapeutic activity and life-affirming experience. The ultimate goal isn’t how our clients do in treatment, it’s what they do when they leave. When we plant a seed, we set an intention for the future, and when we care for the seed, we practice a fundamental skill of putting our intentions into action; to identify new ways of caring for ourselves, our families and our communities.”

Clementine adds, “This workshop begs the question of how did the ancient nomad discover sacred agriculture and why does this matter to you?” At PQ, rites of passage are broadly defined as an intentional transition from one stage of life to another. This model of youth initiation has been practiced in nearly every culture across human history. However, before the advent of self-development, the purpose of rites of passage was to go beyond the self, to improve society and cultivate authenticity for the sake of our families and communities.”

During this workshop, participants will be asked to imagine the future of wilderness therapy, to look beyond the celebration of a peak experience and discover ways in which horticulture and rites of passage share a common goal. Participants will leave with practical skills that can be applied from rooftop to mountaintop, family backyard to residential treatment; inspiring effective approaches to transformative change.

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